Workers Write! Tales from the Café contains stories and poems from workers in the food service industry.

Introduction by Robin LaBounty
Getting Ready for Work by Sally Clark
The Five People You Meet in the Coffee Shop by Layla Carr
La Verace Via by Pax Chmara
Ave Maria by Abigail Warren
The Dishwasher by Jaime Olin
At Will by Steven Assarian
The Days of Heroes by Melodie Corrigall
The Hilltop Diner by Karen Vail
Post Undergraduate Quagmire
by A. J. Howells
Bésame by Richard Lusskin
Two Valets by Ryan S. Lowell
This Is Only Temporary by Juliana Studer
Faye's Diner by Jay Seate
Those Were the Days by Sally Clark

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