Workers Write! More Tales from the Classroom contains stories and poems from workers in the education industry.

Introduction by Robin LaBounty
Ode to a Noisy Faculty Room by Joe Sottile
Room 217 by Barb Miller
Returning Student by John Davis
Honest Grading by John Davis
Dropping Out by A. J. Howells
Charm Disarmed by Victoria Crawford
Lost In Translation by Miriam Thor
Innocence Lost by Sheryl Guterl
Abdicated by Linda Sánchez
A Triptych from the Teacher by Julie Pullman
There Are No Stupid Questions
by Matthew E. Henry
To My Student Being Deported
by John Jeffire
Untethered by Lisa Heidle
Shadows by Joseph Rathgeber
Proctoring by Joseph Rathgeber
Memoranda by Joseph Rathgeber
The Great White Way Is Where the Heart Is by Isabella David
A Report on My Administration of the AP World Exam by John Pierce
It Has Everything to do With Horace Walpole by Eric Appleton
Fast Classroom Exit by Sarah Bigham
The Classroom by Sarah Bigham
BF Not F by Michael Neal Morris
Not By Arguments by Tony Press
In Bloom by Allie Marini
Darwin's Nightmare by Elvis Alves

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