Workers Write! Tales from the Combat Zone contains stories and poems from the soldier's point of view.

The Infantry by Jerome J. Schmitt
Oh, The Wounds He Wore, Death His Neighbor (Jimmy the Meterman)
by Tom Sheehan
Stay by Michael Pogach
Sleeve by Lloyd Zimpel
In the Department of Management and Control, Sacramento Army Depot, 1966
by Margaret Gish Miller
In the Company Of Doc Campilletti
by Robert B. Robeson
Non Gratum Anus Rodentum
by Katey Schultz
A Count in the Afternoon by Fred McGavran
The Spoils of War by Gordon A. Graves
The Tour by Dave Schofield
Death in Sarajevo by Bojan Pavlovic
Tzipora by Haim Isaacs
0800 Intelligence Briefing, 14 Feb 06
by Jeffrey C. Alfier
Occupation by Chris Iovenko
QRF by Colin D. Halloran
Ex-Marine MP at the Army National Guard Machine Gun State Championships
by David S. Pointer
The Battle of the Posters by William F. Roth

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