Workers Write! Tales from the Concrete Highway contains stories and poems from the driver's point of view.

Nashville Cab: Law Student by
John Peter Beck
Delivery 101 by Joshua Swainston
The Finer Points of Parking Cars by
R. Dean Johnson
Daily News by David Frazier
Mirrors by John Thompson
Lots Off by Ted Olds
Forklift Tattoo by Mark Allen Jenkins
Lost Time by Geoff Loken
A Pile of Feathers by Erin Popelka
Hints and Rules for Riding by Lisa Lenzo
Roadwork by Marri Champié
Driving Through Nebraska by Rick Marlatt
Beset by Demons by Lowell Mick White
Ruby Red by Sharon Looney
Tommy's Story by Frederick Allen Dickinson
Route 28 by Mickey Burriss
Nashville Cab: The Old Man by
John Peter Beck

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