Workers Write! Tales from the Courtroom contains stories from the
legal worker's point of view.

Bench Book by Charles Reynard
Mother, With Child by Tony Press
Family Law by Kristin Roedell
Matt the Closer by Jeffrey A. Dickerson
The Barrister by John Lambremont, Sr.
Old Soldiers by Randall Patterson
Pled by Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow
Serves You Right by Jack Ewing
Leaving the Station by Michael Del Muro
Gone Accourting by Liz Hufford
retainers by Joseph A. Farina
criminal courtroom by Joseph A. Farina
principles of sentencing (juvenile court) by Joseph A. Farina
transubstantiation by Joseph A. Farina
Affirmed by Anthony J. Mohr
May it Please the Court by Leslie B. Neustadt
Amicus, Briefly by Juliet Hubbell
Reading the PSI by Charles Reynard
Huntz's Law by Tom Green
Lord Coke Unbenched by Dan Gunter

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