Workers Write! More Tales from the Cubicle contains stories and poems from the office worker's point of view.

Office Musing by DJ Gaskin
A World of Boxes by Miles Stearns
Dolor, Inc. by Thea Gavin
A Work in Progress by Angela Sparandera
Office Portraits by Christopher J. Michel
Everyday Endeavors by Jennifer Jackson
No Worries by Jen Knox
Civil Servants by Sally Clark
Caroline by Sally Clark
Batch Failure by William Verdigris
Unexpected Pregnancy by Jennifer Butchart
Little Boxes by Shawn Johnson
Demotion by Stephanie Campisi
Our Buddha of the Personalized Cups by Ashley Borodin
Moving to a New Building by David Lumsden
An Evening in Call-Center Land by
J.R. Rogers
Les Bonbons by Mary McLaughlin Slechta
Another Day at the Office by Bruce Harris
On the Benefits of Time Recording by Peter Lyons
Dead Gary by Dan Moreau
Cleaning Crew by Bill Buege

With a preface from Jonas of Cheer The Eff Up

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