Workers Write! Tales from the Key of C contains stories and poems from the music industry.

Introduction by David LaBounty
The Music Teacher by Matthew Wilson
Stars by Nancy Jorgensen
What She Gives, What She Asks
by Laurinda Lind
Wednesday Night at Muffy's by R.M. Lowery
stringing my guitar by RC deWinter
Ethan's Tale by David Bassano
Faces for the Fiddle Man by June Thompson
prairie music by James Thurgood
One-Hit Wonder by Jim Windolf
Feedback by Kelli Simpson
Old Man Hands by Terry Sanville
Song of the City by Chris Kok
WindRiver Recording Studio
by Sarojani Rohan
Hello Highway by Amanda Pampuro
The B Is for the Blues by Liam Hogan
Selections from the Jazzer's Playbook
by Jean Fineberg
Two for Nothing by J.J. Maze
Quartet rehearsal by Nicola Geddes
Aubade by JJ Graham
Gianni's Final Curtain by Ginger Dehlinger
The Way A Life Is Made by Frances Kerridge
The Old Farts Tour by Nick Padron
fortune by James Thurgood

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